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Dr. Bublik is well known for the aesthetic and painless repair of elongated earlobes (stretched earlobes). The procedure is done in the office, under very local anesthesia, and with no discomfort to the patient. This condition is one of the most common aesthetic deformities of the ear and can result from heavy earrings, an earlobe that is pierced too low on the ear, or from trauma or just the aging process of the ear. Unfortunately, it can cause significant distress to the patient who wants to continue to wear earrings or would like to restore symmetry to their earlobes. Dr. Bublik's training and expertise provides a simple and effective procedure to fix elongated earlobes and deformities in the office. In addition, Dr. Bublik will pierce the ear in a painless and sterile manner to reduce any chance of infection or swelling once the ear heals from the ear lobe reduction.

Earlobe Reduction - Case Study 1

With a short in office procedure with minimal downtime we can reduce the size of your earlobes with no downtime. 

Earlobe Reduction Glendale, CA

Earlobe Reduction - Case Study 2

Tired of long ear lobes?  A small non painful in office procedure can help reduce them.

Earlobe Reduction Glendale, CA

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