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Fat transfer can augment soft tissue of the face to fill in, contour and renew your appearance. Dr. Bublik can help you determine whether fat grafting will achieve the results you desire. To be considered for this procedure, candidates need to have some extra body fat that can be removed.

Because the technique uses your own natural fat, there's no risk of allergic reaction. This procedure removes fat from one area of your body and injects it into another to correct tissue imperfections. During the procedure, Dr. Bublik performs gentle liposuction on your thighs and abdomen. The fat is then prepared and re-injected in areas that need filling.

Dr. Bublik has extensive experience with advanced techniques. During the consultation, Dr. Bublik will evaluate your unique facial structure, aging pattern and specific desires in order to select which treatment is most appropriate.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

  • Restore fullness in the cheeks
  • Restore volume beneath the eyes
  • Augment the contour of the brow or jaw line
  • Fill scars or other depressions

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