In Office Keloid Repair

Keloids are formed when the body reacts with too much scar tissue. They can be very unsightly since they often grow very large and can cause pain and itching. When they are located in the head and neck area, it is often difficult to hide them under clothing. A common spot for keloids are on the ear itself. This happens from prior piercings or trauma to the ear.

Fortunately, removal of a keloid can be performed in the office with the patient awake under local anesthesia with no discomfort. The keloid tissue is completely removed with careful conservation of the natural shape of the ear and the incision is closed with sutures and local tissue movement. Patients will be on a short course of antibiotic cream to be applied over the incision for a few days. Though previously excised, a keloid may recur and therefore careful monitoring afterwards is essential.

Keloid Before and After

Keloid Repair

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