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Dr. Michael Bublik understands the art of the lip enhancement and complex anatomy as a surgeon. He is known as an injectable specialist and is sought by patients who desire a higher level of care in their injectable treatments.

Lip Augmentation

Before and After Lip Fillers with Restylane Kysse.

Lip Enhancement with Restylane

Lip Augmenation Glendale Los Angeles
Lip Enhancement LA

There is an art and technique to lip enhancement. This makes your selection of an injector critical. Dr. Bublik uses a holistic approach to facial health that focuses on an evolving plan of facial beauty. This approach is used to meet your aesthetic goals throughout your life.

We share your goal in wanting to have an improved, natural-looking, more desirable and youthful version of you.

As we age the lips lose volume. Lip enhancement can help return the lips to a more youthful state. For patients who want a very subtle change and for patients who desire enlargement of the lips, Dr. Bublik's goal is to create a naturally augmented lip that meets your expectations.

Dr. Michael Bublik practice is conveniently located on 800 S. Central Avenue in Glendale.

We are currently accepting new patients and encourage you to schedule a consultation about your lip enhancement.

Lip Augmentation Gallery

Lip Augmenation Lip Augmenation Lip Augmenation Lip Augmenation Lip Augmenation Lip Augmenation Lip AugmenationLip AugmenationLip Augmenation Lip Augmenation Lip Augmenation Lip Augmenation Lip Augmenation Lip Augmenation Lip Augmenation Lip AugmenationClinical History: This patient presented with uneven lips and wanted them more symmetric and more plump.  Lip injections are tailored to the type of result a patient desires.  Some patients want plumper lips, some want more symmetry and some just want a small natural enhancement. Clinical History:  This middle aged female complained that the corners of her mouth were "droopy."  She had painless correction in the office with Juvaderm Ultra Plus. This patient desired a natural "plumping" of her lips flash lightbox jquery by v6.0m






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