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When choosing between spending on designer shoes and getting a more attractive and rested appearance, women are opting for the latter.

Dr. Michael Bublik, a double board certified physician in Facial Plastic Surgery and Ear, Nose, Throat Surgery, is fond to say that many of his patients consider the cost of injectable dermal fillers and Botox a much better return on investment than buying new designer clothes or jewelry.

While many of his patients in their 30s and 40s wouldn’t necessarily consider a facelift, they see their regular visits to Dr. Bublik for fillers and a touch of Botox as part of their regular beauty regime, much as they do haircuts, waxing and facials. And Dr. Bublik is candid in saying that not all of his patients are high powered executives or celebrities, but regular women who know that a fancy new purse or watch can’t bring them the satisfaction of looking in the mirror and seeing a fresher and more attractive version of themselves.

Dr. Bublik mentions that many of his patients will not hesitate to ask their husbands or beaus, and even their children, to skip the traditional birthday and holiday gift-giving, and, instead, pick up the tab for a visit to his office. Dr. Bublik explains that injectable dermal fillers can plump thin lips, recreate youthful volume to cheeks, soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and improve the appearance of recessed scars. On the other hand, Botox and similar products relax the muscles that create unattractive and aging wrinkles. While the results are not as dramatic as a facelift, his patients appreciate the subtle yet rewarding results. Patients often report that friends or colleagues notice an elusive yet perceptible change and ask if they’ve returned from vacation.

Some first-time patients are concerned about pain, and Dr. Bublik reassures them that he applies a topical anesthetic and uses very fine needles; most patients report no pain or very mild discomfort during the procedure. He reassures patients that they can go back to work or to other regular activities immediately after leaving his office; most of his patients don’t report any swelling or bruising.

Besides their fresher and rested-looking appearance, many patients report that the results go beyond their looks. Dr. Bublik mentions that many of his patients report an increase in self-confidence and zest for life, which is particularly important for those women who are back in the social scene after a divorce or the breakup of a serious relationship. As for those patients looking for a new job or hoping for a promotion, he gets feedback that they feel more empowered and project a more poised demeanor.

Isn’t it time you rewarded yourself with a more youthful and rested appearance? It’s time for you to make an appointment with Dr. Bublik and learn about your options for turning back the clock.

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