Top 11 Reasons Why Women In Their 30s and 40s Are Getting Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

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The delicate skin around your eyes is usually the first to show signs of aging. No matter how much you spend on eye creams, silk pillow cases, and other cosmetic boosters, you cannot prevent wrinkles and a baggy appearance from forming around the eyes. In fact, aging around the eyes can start showing as early as your 30s.

Dr. Michael Bublik, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles, has noticed a significant increase in his busy practice of patients in their 30s and 40s considering plastic surgery (Blepharoplasty) to reduce bagginess from lower eyelids, remove excess skin and fat from the upper eyelids and for greater definition of the upper eyelid crease.

Here Are The Top 11 Reasons Why Younger Women, And Men, Are Considering Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery in 2019:

  1. It addresses the first signs of aging
    While people want to believe that pricey eye creams and serums will restore their youthful appearance, only a surgical approach can ensure long term results with the removal of sagging and excess skin around the eyes, effectively addressing the early signs of aging and restoring a youthful appearance.
  2. It will make you look more rested and alert
    If you have given up on pricey creams and potions that have not eliminated your puffy, drooping eyelids and tired appearance, and nosy people keep asking if you are getting enough sleep, cosmetic eyelid surgery may be for you.
  3. Lower eyelid surgery can eliminate puffy eye bags and dark circles.
    We’re certainly not talking about dark circles from lack of sleep or stress or related to hereditary skin pigmentation. However, if you have excessive puffiness under the eye, the eyelid fat can cast a shadow, leaving you with both puffy eye bags and dark circles, which just aren’t pretty. This is the perfect situation to consider lower eyelid surgery.
  4. Eyelid surgery ranks in the top 5 most common cosmetic surgical procedures in the U.S.
    Eyelid surgery is very popular because it’s effective in eliminating the first signs of aging and restoring the patient’s youthful appearance.
  5. Eyelid surgery is long lasting
    While results vary from patient to patient, cosmetic surgery on the upper eyelid lasts five to seven years. In contrast, surgery performed on the lower eyelid rarely needs to be repeated.
  6. Your surgeon will customize the procedure
    The surgical procedure is customized for every patient, depending on your particular needs. It can be performed alone involving upper, lower or both eyelid regions.
  7. When you have eyelid surgery you don’t have to go “under”
    It’s generally an outpatient procedure performed in the surgeon’s office using local anesthesia. The length of eyelid lift surgery depends on several factors including the extent of tissue laxity and the anatomy of each person’s eyelids, but it generally takes 1-2 hours.
  8. There is low risk associated with eyelid plastic surgery.
    Though all surgical procedures have some degree of risk, eyelid surgery complications are rarely experienced and if they are, these are usually minor.
  9. You don’t have to be rich to be able to afford the cost of eyelid surgery.
    Though the cost of the procedure will vary, it may cost less than the new “it” handbag or a weekend at a spa.
  10. There is a short recovery period from cosmetic eyelid surgery.
    Most patients return to work within a couple of days and are back to full activities after 10 days. In fact, most patients feel remarkably well immediately after the procedure, and have minimal pain, which may be alleviated with over-the-counter painkillers or prescription mild narcotics. In some cases, bruising around the eyes may occur; however, the bruising is usually minor and can be camouflaged with makeup.
  11. You won’t end up looking fake after eyelid surgery.
    By choosing a highly qualified and board-certified surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery, you have little to be concerned about. The results will look natural and subtle; you will have a well-rested appearance, not have your eyes pulled so taut that it makes you look like an alien. People will remark that you look rested and relaxed, friends will ask if you have returned from vacation or if you are having a secret affair, while others will beg you to reveal the source of your rejuvenated appearance.

This is the time to explore the options to be the best possible you. Call Dr. Michael Bublik’s office and speak to his caring staff about scheduling an appointment to meet with Dr. Bublik to discuss your beauty goals.

If you are considering a facial procedure, please make an appointment at one of Dr. Michael Bublik’s offices for a free consultation; he will be happy to discuss treatment options that will offer you a refreshed and beauty-enhancing look that will boost your self-confidence.



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Dr. Michael Bublik is a triple board-certified fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Bublik is often sought after for not only primary or first-time rhinoplasty but also revision rhinoplasty. This is due to his extensive training with some of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. He brings with him years of experience and the experience of being involved in thousands of rhinoplasty cases.



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