Jeuveau™ Newtox

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Jeuveau™ Newtox

You may have heard about this new product called #newtox that has been all over social media. Dr. Michael Bublik is one of the first practices to offer this exclusive treatment. He can’t wait for his patients to experience Jeuveau™ (newtox).

Jeuveau™ is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used in adults for a short period of time temporary to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows glabellar lines.

What Makes Jeuveau™ Different? Why Should I try it?

Jeuveau™ #newtox by Evolus is the newest alternative available to Botox. They are both purified proteins used to treat wrinkles associates with facial expressions.

Jeuveau™ #newtox and Botox have the same characteristics are almost identical. The studies showed that Jeuveau™ #newtox works just as well as Botox. One of the main differences between Jeuveau™ #newtox and Botox is that Jeuveau #newtox uses a technology called Hi-Pure. This means that when they manufacture the product, they use additional steps to purify the protein and that theoretically makes it safer. Another difference is that Jeuveau #newtox by Evolus is only an aesthetic company. This means they only use Jeuveau #newtox for cosmetic purposes such as wrinkles. Botox is used for other things such as sweating under the arms, migraine headaches and a variety of other indications. This allows Evolus to be more flexible in the pricing of the product.

Launched in the US under the promotional hashtag #NEWTOX, Jeuveau™ is a modern-made neurotoxin and the first and only neurotoxin approved exclusively for aesthetics.

There is a lot of excitement about Jeuveau™ as it’s the first neurotoxin to hit the U.S. market in almost a decade. Furthermore, Jeuveau™ has also been studied in the largest head-to-head clinical trial versus Botox™ Cosmetic.

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Dr. Michael Bublik is a triple board-certified fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Bublik is often sought after for not only primary or first-time rhinoplasty but also revision rhinoplasty. This is due to his extensive training with some of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. He brings with him years of experience and the experience of being involved in thousands of rhinoplasty cases.



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