Rhinoplasty Functional Considerations by Dr. Michael Bublik

Many people have difficulty breathing through the nose. Although inflammatory problems such as sinusitis, or nasal allergies can cause some of this, structural problems in the nose may also contribute. Many patients therefore consider undergoing rhinoplasty not only for cosmetic reasons, but also for nasal breathing and function. The most common structural problems leading to nasal obstruction are a crooked nasal septum (the partition that separates the two nasal passages), enlarged nasal turbinates (the internal filtering organs inside each nasal passage), collapse of the outer wall of the nose with inspiration, or severely crooked nasal bones. These can all be improved through functional rhinoplasty.

Previous rhinoplasty techniques, which involved removal of large amounts of cartilage and bone with little respect for the internal nasal functional apparatus led to people with “done” appearances and noses that no longer functioned. These patients often became nasal cripples.

Dr. Bublik’s unique training which taught him the skill and art of achieving both functional and cosmetic results is employed in every case he does. This is one of the main reasons he is so highly sought after to perform both primary and revision rhinoplasty surgery. He makes sure that the patient is able to breathe well after surgery and therefore always has a 3-Dimensional outlook on every rhinoplasty case – always considering what one move or cut will do on the other parts of the nose.

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